Benefits of a SaaSy Business

Ever wondered how other businesses are saving money with SaaS? What in the heck even is SaaS? Let’s start there.

Software as a Service means your employee or business tasks can be made simpler, easier or faster – or automated away from you altogether – by a service online.

This can hugely increase employee productivity and affect your bottom line. It’s often an investment up front for re-training and implementation costs, but some of the most dramatic changes start at $5 per user per month. Let’s talk about some of those services.

Automatic Office Tasks Online

Most people have heard of Office365 and GSuite, but few business owners – even ones currently licensing and using the software – are aware of its full potential. Let’s talk about some of the basic features first.

  • shared calendars to publish work schedules, holiday requests, work events, meetings, etc
    • custom notifications (emails or texts) surrounding important meetings in calendar (goodbye excuses!)
    • let clients book into certain time slots in your calendar (set weekly appointments once and let clients book themselves in where appropriate)
  • have multiple employees in the same spreadsheet or document at the same time watching each others’ cursors update in real time as they make changes
    • have a live chat for all working on that spreadsheet or document – no more waiting for someone to get back to you by e-mail
    • see version history and who added what
    • name, duplicate, or restore old versions of a document for easy access

Basic features like this are $5-$30 per user per month on Office 365 or $5 per user per month on GSuite (though what is offered varies by plan and implementation). The point is that these tools are a lot cheaper than you think. It costs less than one hour of employee time per month to get one user license. If this software saves each employee at least an hour of time, you’re already in the black.

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