Clouds Can Fail: Backing Up a Step

Have you heard of the Rule of Threes? The data you really can’t lose is called mission critical data, usually client or tax data, and ideally it should be in three places, not just the cloud. If the cloud loses your data by accidentally deleting it or intentionally deleting it because an employee breached their terms of service or actively Read more about Clouds Can Fail: Backing Up a Step[…]

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How to Save Your Router from VPNFilter

Have you ever seen VPNFilter installed on your computer? Probably not as unlike most malware you’ll read about, it infects routers. The FBI published on May 29, 2018 that since a half million US routers were infected, all small businesses and home owners should take action: at least reboot if not reset their routers as enough Read more about How to Save Your Router from VPNFilter[…]

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Social Engineering: Manipulation

Attackers Build Credibility To a skilled social engineer, any unprepared organization is vulnerable. It’s not hard to find information online these days. Directories, manager names, used technologies – these are all available to just about anyone and build an attacker’s credibility. The more familiar an attacker is with how a company operates, the easier it Read more about Social Engineering: Manipulation[…]

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PUPs: An Unwanted Litter

Have you ever tried to install some software only to find there are new programs on your computer you don’t recognize? Those Possibly Unwanted Programs or “PUPs” might be Adware that’s trying to sell you a premium version of something or possibly gathering and selling your personal information. Sometimes when downloading a program, if the Read more about PUPs: An Unwanted Litter[…]

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Phishing: Don’t Get Hooked!

How to Avoid Getting Hooked Most of us are unlikely to reveal personal information to a down-on-their-luck rich foreigner who needs an (insert your nationality here) citizen to access funds in your country – for a large fee payable to you of course. However it’s harder to say no when emails look authentic. Welcome to Read more about Phishing: Don’t Get Hooked![…]