Device Management and Protection Policies

Have you ever had that nightmare where a former employee anonymously posts information left on their phone from when they worked from you? How about the one where they bring a flashdrive in from home and from the instant the computer reads it, your network is never the same?

The good news is we have some great solutions to keep you (and your data) safe!

USB Port Management
Larger clients often start with a cloud anti-virus platform that lets us manage many machines at once. It lets us implement something called USB blocking (or locking) where we can prevent machines reading flash drives except on machines that need it and we can password protect (or lock) the USB ports so that only certain users can use it.

This strategy of managing access to your most expensive resources is actually very effective. When fewer people can damage your expensive stuff, you can have nice things!

User Accounts and Data Sharing
In addition to preventing infections, it can also be used to prevent the reading of sensitive data. We can set up user accounts in your organization (if you don’t have them already) and help streamline your data flow from the creators to the end users.

What do your employees need to see to get their jobs done? What’s just a distraction?

Mobile Device Policies
With the introduction of tablets and phones, it sometimes seems like data management has gotten more complex, but it’s often even simpler than before.

G Suite Device Policies will allow correct employees access to data you’ve given them permission to view or change; however only if they sign an agreement giving G Suite permission to manage data on their device, meaning we can remotely wipe data from tablets and phones. For any reason (i.e.: if the device is lost), we can remotely wipe the entire device. If an employee leaves on good terms, we can be polite and just wipe our data.

Like many of our solutions, Mobile Device Policies are a simple solution. Common problems can seem overwhelming, but with a bit of experience, you can harness the fact that other companies have likely had to come up with solutions in the past, and we’re happy to help you discover and put those solutions to work in your own custom application. With over ten years of experience, we’re here for you.