I.T. Services That Make You Money

Have you ever thought of your I.T. as strictly a necessary cost center to reduce downtime and increase productivity? You’re not alone, but it doesn’t have to be just that. Have you considered using I.T. to help you source additional revenue streams that add to your bottom line?

In the same way marketing costs can be a no brainer, examining what you could be doing in I.T. to generate revenue is important too. First, let’s cover the basics.

Ways I.T. Saves You Money

Downtime is expensive. There’s nothing worse than paying all of the costs for a business and generating none of the revenue. Electronics and computers are increasingly required for work and with new products that offer competitive edges and the occasional automatic update that breaks, it’s a good idea to install and configure your electronics with a professional to help avoid as much downtime as possible.

Productivity is also a key benefit of using professional I.T. services. Employees on slow machines are slow employees. But when is a slow employee so slow the cost of a new machine is justified?

Answering that question is a Hardware Lifecycle. Don’t worry – they aren’t about selling you new equipment but about making sure you have what you need to make the most money. In fact, you can even pay a monthly service lease that includes regularly replacing your equipment at the end of its Hardware Lifecycle. It’s one way using professional I.T. companies helps you streamline your costs. In fact, often these contracts include maintenance as well. If you’re interested in a free estimate or want to contact us to chat or ask for some help, email us or call Rob at 604-317-6705.

If you’ve ever had a team working on a project, you have probably experienced frustration and impressive organization to decide who is working on what and how to develop one final version. I.T. can make collaboration more efficient though saving you on employee expenses. Imagine having five or more employees all editing the same document online at the same time. Each of them can see the others’ cursors and when they hover over a working teammember’s cursor, they see that person’s name. Imagine having calendars that are synched across all employee phones allowing company events, work schedules, and holidays to be published seamlessly to each individual. Aside from the time put into producing a work schedule, these are all fairly inexpensive realities today and if your business isn’t using that kind of competitive edge, you might want to email us or call Rob at 604-317-6705 so we can give you the lowdown on how to train and transition your team to the best software for your company based on what your industry uses and what we recommend for your unique situation.

Ways I.T. Makes You Money

You likely already use I.T. to save money by reducing downtime and increasing productivity. But what about implementing I.T. as moneymaker?

Let’s start with making the extra money you might be throwing away by increasing customer retention. You can set up customer feedback surveys and exit surveys to better understand where your business, managers, and employees can improve. These little gems are quick and inexpensive to set up but if you’re listening, can give you invaluable feedback. They let you easily track feedback by employee or department and don’t run the risk of an employee crumpling a piece of paper up and throwing it in the garbage. Submissions go directly to where you want. You can make it available online or have a tablet in your business for customer use (yes, we can help you lock these to tables, walls, etc.). Every customer saved is (comparatively) a money-making resource that comes back because of the I.T. you put in place.

Have you ever put advertising on your car? Some business owners swear by it, describing all the days they spent without it like driving around throwing money out of their car window. The same analogy works for websites. If you have a website and it’s frequented, how often do you throw out a call-to-action? It’s easy to make links available for people to immediately email or call (604-317-6705) so that when they make their decision, it’s the least resistance for them to reach out. We can help update your website.

Websites work best when you have some revenue and advertising figured out. Sometimes you need a full suite digital marketing house to run an ad campaign. Other times, you just want to get started with Google Adwords and get professional advertising metrics on how much business your ad money is generating. Infinite Tech Solutions offers the second, less expensive solution.

While it may seem like a cost to sell goods online, keep in mind that goods sold online are goods that require no commission (except the cost of the site), and that while those costs do increase with volume, they also benefit from an economy of scale. When you are hiring people just to pack products into boxes, print shipping labels, and drive them to the post office, it’s hard to say the website is just a cost center. This is even easier if the goods you sell are digital goods only like information, software, or remote services (among others).

So far, we’ve only offered you generic solutions. Our passion is helping you with custom solutions that work for your business. How they work exactly varies from business to business, but getting an estimate on services is free! What have you got to lose? Call us at 604-317-6705.

No matter your solution, if you’re up to the challenge we are always happy to train you to maintain your solution yourself. For us, the customer is king and we want to empower you to make your business even more profitable.