My Password Is ‘password’

Are you currently changing your password from ‘password’ to ‘123456?’ Those are two of the most common passwords of 2017, both therefore very hackable.

So how can you keep your mental workload to a minimum while increasing the safety of your banking info or login to a client-facing work website?

Complexity Can Be Easy to Remember

The first principle of creating good passwords is complexity, but that doesn’t have to mean your password looks like $5e*R#9a$! in order to get that complexity. Because of math, the password ‘thispasswordisreallylongbuteasytoremember’ is actually much, MUCH harder to break than the mess of characters above, yet is much easier for a human being to remember.

Unique Passwords: Effort for Results

Having a unique password for each and every service means if someone hacks one account, they haven’t hacked your life. It makes identity theft a lot harder.

If a company you do business with or hold an account with has a breach and they lose a database of account names and passwords, they may quickly throw out all the hard-to-crack passwords and focus on all of the ‘123456’ and ‘password’ accounts in that list.

Hackers with one account and password might look for other companies who hold [email protected] accounts and then try your simple passwords. In this way, they can possibly access a lot of your services as you and make requests for information, intercepting e-mails without your knowing (if they can sign into your e-mail).

So how can you make all of your passwords unique without making your life a headache?

Lifehack: Password Managers

Enter the password manager. It’s a highly secure piece of software that you invent a passphrase for (instead of a password) like ‘areallylongcatchphrasethatyoucanremember’ as your password. It then generates highly complex passwords (think $5e*R#9a$!$5e*R#9a$!) and helps you sign in to all of your services.

It’s important to set these up correctly so if you lose your password manager password, you at least have a single e-mail account that you can do password recoveries at that uses a different ‘othercatchphrasethatseasyforyoutoremember’. If this sounds difficult to organize or set up for your life (or business), keep in mind Infinite Tech Solutions is happy to help you get started.

We offer a variety of services that all begin with submitting a ticket above or making a free phone call and our working to understand your unique situation and personal or business needs.

We all know hackers can do damage to our reputations, business/work relationships, and even family relationships depending on what we hide or share. Whether you choose to go it alone or have us help you get started, we wish you a smooth, easy transition!

Securing your login and simplifying your life with a password manager isn’t as challenging as it may sound. It’s worth making the effort and taking the time now to prevent the stress and lost time later.