Clouds Can Fail: Backing Up a Step

Have you heard of the Rule of Threes? The data you really can’t lose is called mission critical data, usually client or tax data, and ideally it should be in three places, not just the cloud. If the cloud loses your data by accidentally deleting it or intentionally deleting it because an employee breached their terms of service or actively Read more about Clouds Can Fail: Backing Up a Step[…]

four port network device with cables plugged in working

How to Save Your Router from VPNFilter

Have you ever seen VPNFilter installed on your computer? Probably not as unlike most malware you’ll read about, it infects routers. The FBI published on May 29, 2018┬áthat since a half million US routers were infected, all small businesses and home owners should take action: at least reboot if not reset their routers as enough Read more about How to Save Your Router from VPNFilter[…]